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An Initiated Man, Finally

Is now available

Adam M Lamb's Third Book

An Initiated Man, Finally

 $2.99 for Kindle, $13.99 for Paperback

What The Book is About

Great Spirit

One man's journey of self discovery leads him to a tropical resort where he discovers more about himself and his masculinity than he previously thought possible.

“I’m understanding, even more deeply now, that it wasn’t one choice but a series of decisions that have led me here to Costa Rica, to this particular resort, for a particular purpose. That purpose will be expressed shortly and offered to me via a shot glass of dark, musty liquid, lovingly distilled from both a vine and a tree and blessed by a shaman named Brad.”

​What People Are Saying About The Book

"Adam has articulated the masculine becoming in a way that is fresh and unique. I’m so glad that I got to meet Adam and read this work. His insights are spot on, and I am proud to know him as a person and an author. Do yourself a favor and have a read of this book. Well done Adam" - Gerry Armond Powell

"In a world of men seeking to find the lion within themselves, Adam Lamb is a lion of a man. Like a lion, he makes his opinion known in different ways. Sometimes his unmistakable roar will call you up, causing you to quake in your shoes. Other times his presence is simply all the statement that needs to be made. Either way, this giant of a man with an equally large spirit will call you up to a more authentic, more heart-strong, more powerful version of yourself."

George Peter Kansas


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Great Spirit

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